Bandit signs are promotional materials that serve as advertisements to encourage property owners to sell their homes to an investor. The signage is used to enable investors to acquire a new property quickly and without spending much.

Basically, there are 2 ways to take advantage of bandit signs; homeowners can put up bandit signs to sell their home and realtors can likewise put up their own bandit signs so that home sellers can contact them. 

Guidelines for Use of Bandit Signs

Each state may have its own regulation regarding the use of bandit signs for both homeowners and investors. It’s best to check out within your local community what the guidelines are so you can avoid having inconveniences later on.

One thing to keep in mind though when using bandit signs is to keep the message short and concise to get the message through. People passing by only have a few seconds to go over your ad.

For sellers, a bandit sign that says; “Home for Sale” says it all. If a realtor is selling the property, a phone number will most likely be included.

Otherwise, it pays to inquire from the homeowner directly because a lot of home sellers put up bandit signs to sell their distressed properties on their own without the help of a realtor.

If you drive around a neighborhood, you may chance upon a bandit sign of a home that’s for sale. 

For investors, a bandit sign that says; “I Buy Houses – All Cash – Any Condition (Contact Number)” is catchy and convincing enough to get the message across to home sellers.

Or, anything that states: “We Buy Houses – (Contact Number)” is acceptable enough to promote yourself as a realtor. 

Why Bandit Signs Work

A guaranteed way to get your business phone ringing with potential real estate deals is through bandit signs. Whether you’re uncertain about the idea or not, they are guaranteed to work and had proven that over the years.

bandit signs placements
Bandit signs placements

If you’re still trying to learn the ropes about real estate investing, chances are that you have already seen them. They are those brightly colored signs that resemble a small billboard along the side of the road, in intersections, or right in front of a property.

If you’re an investor, bandit signs of homes for sale are your ultimate target for best deals.

Bandit signs also serve as a strategic direct-response marketing strategy for investors who want to promote themselves. Although bandit signs are not allowed everywhere, they are recognized as one of the best lead-generating strategies for all types of investors.

Bandit signs are more successful the longer the signs stay up since people will most likely gain familiarity with the signs over time. 

 Understanding which signs are doing well will allow you to make wiser decisions and pay more attention to the signs that achieve the highest results.

This can help you identify the means where your money is best spent. Ask every caller where they saw your bandit signs for you to determine the top areas where your marketing campaign is at its best.